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Aitana and Andros / Sufi Dance with Live Music

Aitana and Andros / Sufi Dance with Live Music


“Aitanarte puts sacred dance in service to life as well as music. She has a deep, symbiotic connection with the ocean and the marine world, enabling her to scuba-dance with dolphins and whales in the wild. She is a devoted mother and loves to share Dances of Universal Peace in community as well as the Sufi devotional turn.”


Andros Ruz is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, producer and teacher. His beginnings with music date back to his early childhood where he was trained in classical and flamenco guitar in his hometown of Cordoba and later in Granada. It was in his adolescence that he felt an intense calling for ancient music and ethnomusicology. Today, this calling has become a passion and devotion, for which these musics have become a way of self-knowledge and inner transformation. For the past 10 years she has been dedicated to deepening the ritualistic use and healing potential of music, voice and sound, drawing inspiration from world traditions that have used music as a path to transcendence such as Nada Yoga, Sufi mysticism and Shamanism. He has participated in numerous gatherings, festivals and ceremonies as well as having extensive experience as a teacher of overtone singing and the use of the voice as a healing tool.