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June 21 to 26, 2023
River Genal, Jubrique, Spain

This year we are super exited to make a dreams come true… A Gong Camp / Sound Healing Gathering / Chill out Jamming with friends by the River / A sharing of Grounding and Connecting Practices / Time for Music, Art, Movement, Nature, where we can release doing and drop into being. 

Join us and our Friends for 4 full days of Gongs, Movement and Sound Healing in a celebration of life at the banks of the River Genal, in Andalucía, Spain! Celebrating the Summer solstice, where we will weave our dreams into being with threads of Sound.

Our aim is to share the use of sound and music as medicine in our daily lives. A time to disconnect from your routine and connect with your essence and wellbeing.

The Festival will take place at a beautiful spot at the banks of the Genal River. A peaceful heaven where you can feel the power of nature and all the elements caress your soul.

During this Festival we will have several special guests, who also happen to be dear friends, offering their art as part of the programme. Each of them professionals and masters of their offerings, which aim to connect you with you body and feelings through breath, movement and sound. Creating a space where you can release and empower yourself.

This gathering is for all ages.  Families are welcome!!

Sound Medicine Festival vision

A Dream into Reality

We see people in a circle, sharing life. Dancing together, singing together, making music together, offering each other our gifts, sharing and holding space. A space where each person can feel the embrace and support of the community, the joy of being together in love and acceptance creating an environment where Nature and Sound are the 'main attraction'. Here we can rest and restore our whole being.

A Space to Embody Sound

It’s about recalibrating the human experience through sound. It’s about your own voice and instrumentation, how sound emerges from the inside and outside of us, as we integrate movement, witness, and reciprocal generosity to experience all of it, in community.  Sound Medicine Festival is about full participation, reception, and offering it out… Time for Music, Art, Movement, Nature, where we can release doing and drop in to being.

A Place to connect with Nature

Nature informs how we create and perceive sound. We meet at the banks of the Genal River.  A peaceful heaven where you can feel the power of nature and all the elements caress your soul.

AlquimiaVegetal Sound Medicine Festival
Embodied sound medicine festival

Time to connect with your Body

Practices and workshops guided by professionals and masters of their offerings, as well as the elements of nature invite you to connect with you body and feelings through breath, movement and sound. Creating a space where you can release and empower yourself.

Remember your Tribe

We have always felt that living in community is the key to a simpler life, one where we can be who we are in this very moment, with all our eccentric creativity, grief and trauma. A space where no matter what, you are embraced as part of a family because life is so much simpler when there is full acceptance of who you are. 

Festival program

Our daily practice is to connect deeply with nature and listen to her inner song, through the birds, the wind, the river and all the beings that inhabit this earth. Make music together, play Gongs together, enjoy life together. Our mission is to gather with like minded people, who practice and search for new ways of connecting, with themselves, with nature and with humanity as a whole. Sustainable living woven together by the threads of Music and Sound.

 21st June

Opening Ceremony
19:00 hrs in the Garden

20:00 Sacred Sound Ceremony  
with Tom Soltron & Abby Delsol

together sound medicine festival

22nd June

9:30am Yoga & Sound
with Abby & Tom
11:30 am Gong Playing workshop
with Tom Soltron & Abby Delsol
1:00pm “Deep Experiential Heart Breathing”
with Alicja Eiliakas
5:00pm Cacao Ceremony
Tone of Life & Friends
6:00pm Drumming Circle
All together now!

9:00pm Concert
Bartoš Eiliakas

Reborn sound medicine festival

23rd June

9:30am Tensegrity – Magical Passes
with Lukas Med aka El Coyotee MEDicina

11:30am Intuitive EcoArt
with Aga Strauss
1:30pm Singing Bowl Workshop 
with Tom Soltron 
5:00pm Freedom Dance & Meditation
with Tom Soltron & Abby Delsol
6.30pm Plant Alchemy
with Africa Nieves

9:00pm Concert
Maggie Magowan & Friends

EcoArte Sound Medicine Festival

24th June

9:30am Yoga & Sound
with Abby & Tom
11:30am Intuitive EcoArt
with Aga Strauss  
13:00 Vocal Freedom Workshop
with Abby Delsol & Tom Soltron
5:00pm 5Rythms
with Beata Eckert
6:30pm Gratitude Circle
with Alicja Eiliakas

9:00 Concert
Tone of Life & Guests

full moon sound medicine festival

25th June

9:30am Body symbolism & Sound
with Beata Eckert
11:30am The Art of Sound Healing
with Tom Soltron & Abby Delsol
1:30pm Yoga Nidra
with Abby Delsol
5:00pm Freedom Dance & Meditation
with Tom Soltron & Abby Delsol
6:30pm Open Mic Evening 

Closing Ceremony

Jam session

In Flight Sound medicine festival

26th June

Time to return

After 5 days of sharing, rebooting your system, now is the time to go and share what you have embodied with the world.

Leave site by 11am


As well as the above programmed events, we will have a number of other activities happening alongside. Some of what will be on offer, weather dependent: Singing Bowls in the Water experience, Walk in nature to learn about medicinal and edible wild plants, Handpan workshop, Flute playing workshop, Entertainment for children, Jamming, Women’s circle… Each day you will have the opportunity to enjoy a Gong Siesta.  Traditional in warmer countries, we will compliment this rest time with a soothing Gong Bath offered in the early afternoon, after lunch.

On Sunday the 25th we have a place for you to share your Sound Medicine.  We will have an Open Mic session before the Closing Ceremony where you can offer us your Music.

Meet our friends

Experts in their field, each of our gusts are not only our friends, but committed to a life of sharing ways in which we can connect with our true essence, through sound medicine, art, movement and breath... at the end of the day, what brings us all together is Sound

Alicija Eiliakas

Deep Experiential Breathing

She calls herself a mediator between the human personality and the Essence! Leading you to authentic being, helping remember who you really are…

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Lukas Med aka
El Coyotee MEDicina

Tensegrity – Magical Passes
a series of movements delivered from ancient shamans of Mexico and transformed into Tensegrity by Carlos Castaneda to unlock, move and balance stuck energy in our bodies…

Read More>>

Beata Eckert

5Rythms & Body Symbolism

For many years Beata has been deepening various techniques of conscious work with the body, movement improvisation, dance, sound and meditation…

Read More>>

Bartoš Eiliakas

Beautiful Soundscapes Music for looking inward

Music intended to give the listener a unique experience. The audience is invited to participate in a journey through their inner landscape, visions and everything that comes in the moment…

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Africa Alquimia Vegetal Sound Medicine Festival

Africa Nieves

Plant Alchemy – Elaboration of Agua Florida
Cleaning Purification and Energetic Blossoming

She is a Prayer Medicine Woman and Healer, in alliance with the Spirits of Nature  for the cleansing & Blossoming of the energetic body…

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Aga Strauss

Intuitive Art

Aga creates art through deep introspection, as a therapeutic expression, visualisation of the trip deep inside herself and the intuitive creation of images inspired by insomnia and pain…

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Tere Gong Siesta Sound Medicine Festival

Tere Cobo

Gong Siesta

When I play the Gong I hear the colours, I see the wind, I feel the infinity, I smell the energy, I hear the darkness, I open my heart, I dance in the cosmos, I fly to nature…


Clara Gong Siesta Sound Medicine Festival

Clara Alfaro

Gong Siesta

When I had my first Gong Bath and I had the feeling I was finally back home. I have finally met what makes my heart vibrate, my life’s mission,


The Organisers

We are Tone of Life

We are passionate about Sound.
We are passionate about Gongs.
We are passionate about movement and nature.
We are passionate about family and community.
We are passionate about many things
and they are all interwoven with Sound.  
We would like to share this passion with you.  

If you would like to know more about us…
click o the link bellow

Where is Sound Medicine Festival happening and where do we sleep?

Our 5 days together will be spent at the banks of the Genal River within the parish of Jubrique.  A small but lively village at the edge of the Sierra Bermeja in Southern Andalucía, Spain.  45 minutes from the Costal del Sol, nestled amongst Chestnut trees, Oaks, Cork trees, Pines and many other native trees and shrubs, the Genal Valley is a little paradise.  Camping San Juan have opened their space next to the river, exclusively for use to gather and share our gifts.

This will be a small intimate gathering with a maximum of 100 places available

There are several options for accommodation all within a maximum 5 minute walk from the main meeting space.  

The ticket price includes accommodation unless you are booking a camper van, in which case you must select the Ticket only option for the number of people occupying the camper van and separately the Camper Van option. 

Here are the accommodation options:

Includes materass – Bring your own bedding

Includes materass – Bring your own bedding

Camper Van
If you are coming in a camper van, please select the Ticket only option for the number of people occupying the camper van and book the Camper Van separately.

Shared cottages
Sharing a cottage with between 4 and 6 people, with plenty of communal space. Each cottage has a kitchen, bathroom, and sitting room.

Rooms based on double/tripple occupancy, or private double bed rooms for companion travellers (couples, friends or families) comfortable in one bed together.

All bathroom facilities are shared.

Children under the age of 5 come FREE and there are discounted tickets are available for children between the ages of 6 and 15 (this is not published on our website so will need to write to us to to request).

Please make sure you select the correct accommodation when you purchase your ticket.

Festival Site

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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