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Lukas Med aka El Coyotee MEDicina

Lukas Med - El Coyotee MEDicina

“I am already given to the power that rules my fate. I cling to nothing, so I have nothing to defend. I have no thoughts, so I will See. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself. Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle To be Free” -Carlos Castaneda

My first encounter with the Path of the Heart began in 2001, when accidentally a book, called “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”, landed in my hands. This was the beginning. After finishing all Carlos books, it was time for the experience and practical work of the Unknown. I met my first teacher, and the encounters with the other side, plus Magical Passes (Tensegrity), which I practice and teach until this very day, began. Again, this was just an another beginning. I felt I have started on the path which will never end and I loved it. The year 2012 arrived, and with its new beginnings, with few brothers, we have created “The Men Drumming Circle” in Warsaw. Spending time in a sacred circle with brothers made me realised about the little dream that I had: going to Mexico and follow the stories of Carlos Castaneda and maybe find descendants of Toltecs. In 2015 the dream came true and I went for the 3-month journey to Mexico and Peru. I found the Huichol people, the descendants of Toltecs, set in the circle with their elders, met with the marakame, and much more. This journey changed me forever. I came back a different, but the same person, the person, which my heart always knew I had been. This is the path of the heart, which i am traveling, traversing, looking breathlessly and now I am sharing it with you and invite you to experience your own. Are you ready?

Lukas will be guiding a session of Tensegrity: Magical Passes are the series of movements delivered from ancient shamans of Mexico and transformed into Tensegrity by Carlos Castaneda to unlock, move and balance stuck energy in our bodies. Tense and integration which is hidden in the movements creates strong, positive vibrations use to silence our mind, free our potential, strengthen our bodies, remove toxins and give us courage to live our lives full-on. Power of the silenced mind, opens the door to perceive with our Heart. Teaches us to listen to the guide inside, to the healer, the master. 

El Coyotee will also Co-Facilitate our Cacao Ceremony!!