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Alicija Eiliakas

Alicija Eiliakas

Guide and facilitator of therapeutic, experiential and self-development seminars and classes, opening up spaces for participants to experience deep realizations and transformations.  Alicija will be offering a Gratitude Circle and Deep Experiential Breathing at Sound Medicine Festival.

In her practice, through many years of professional development, spiritual explorations and personal experiences, Alicija develops original workshops, practices, rituals and transformational processes with great love and respect for the uniqueness of each participant. Creating a safe loving space in her work both with groups and individual clients.

In her practices she accompanies the person towards their authentic being, helping them to remember who they really are.

She calls herself a mediator between the human personality and the Essence, helping to experience the guidance of the Soul through the connection with the deepest layers of the subconsciousness and the expansion of consciousness. She invites the participant to experience this during her shared practices which include “Deep Experiential Heart Breathing”, “Body Wisdom” dance meditations, cocoa ceremonies, “Gratitude Circles”, personal rituals and sessions that come to her from what she calls Soul guidance.

Alicija is a professional psychologist and psychotherapist (existential therapy, dance movement, art and sound therapy). After many years of studying and learning from various teachers she now shares what she received from her personal experiences.

For the past fifteen years together with her husband Richard they share the Path of Healing sound in the Baltic countries. Together with their sons Lukas and Bartoš, they created the musical project “Sound Mystery” and play meditative concerts of healing music. Many years ago, they founded the healing sound and psychology studio “The Art to Be”, later, with the desire to create a Home of Heart that people can visit all year round, they created a space for magical experiences – the retreat center “Dragonfly Land”.