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Africa Nieves – Casa Guindales

Africa nieves

Co-founder of the Permaculture project “Asociación Los Guindales” in Valle del Genal (Málaga) since 2003, as a living example of a Sustainable Rural Development model.

During the Sound Medicine Festival, Africa will share Workshops on Cleaning, Purification and Energetic Blossoming, and Plant Alchemy: Elaboration of Aguas Floridas 

Amongst other gifts Africa has a long history as Medicine & Prayer Woman.

Healer in alliance with the spirits of Nature for the Cleansing and Blossoming of the energetic body.

Facilitator of Workshops on Medicinal Herbs and Plant Alchemy.

“Alkaline, cleansing and energetic food” Nutritionist and Chef.

Alchemist of the “Icara” medicinal herbal preparations.

Ayurvedic massage therapist.

Facilitator of Women’s Retreats in Nature.  

Specialist in Natural Gynaecology, sharing the arts of Herbalism and Phytotherapy.

Guardian of a Organic Family Garden and Medicinal Herb Garden.

Therapist in consciousness healing processes.

Temazcalera at the Corazón Rojo de la Montaña Steam House.

Space holder at her beautiful retreat centre Casa Guindales in the Genal Valley in Andalucía, Spain.